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Whether you're looking to grow your construction business, expand to new markets, find new products and partners, or streamline your tendering process, Intender is the only Platform you'll need.



  • Company & Project Listing Online

    Showcase your company’s activities, specialization and projects listing

  • Online Product Catalogue

    Receive RFQs, by introducing your products with photos and specifications

  • Page Statistics and Analytics

    Get statistics for your company profile and products

  • Bid on Tenders

    Get pre-qualified and invited to tenders, or send request to participate in tenders



  • Find & Manage Projects

    Covers more than 20,000 new projects from planning to completion

  • All Sectors

    Cover all major projects sectors including commercial projects, residential projects and more

  • Key Contact Details

    Includes decision makers’ contact details, nature of business, project role and more

  • Customizable Lists

    Add and follow projects, companies and products to manage your pipelines

  • Automatic Notifications

    Get first hand updates & notifications on the projects & companies you followed

  • Data Requests

    Quick industry turnover time on additional data requests



  • Customizable Solutions

    Tailored to match your specific tender requirements

  • Document Management

    Receive, verify and manage all your tender documents online

  • Automatic Notifications and Reminder

    Get notification on the tender participation including reminder on reverse auction data and time

  • Tender Statistics

    Compare bids and bidders performance in seconds

  • Find Partner and Vendor

    Identify the right partner from our company listings

  • Advanced Data Encryption

    Data confidential guaranteed throughout all stages of process

All our plans include

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime,

so you can work anytime and from anywhere.

Expert Customer Support,

helping you focus on your core work.

World-Class data security,

ensuring your data stays confidential.

Money Back Guarantee

We have so much to give than what you can see. So we are giving you a risk-free opportunity to experience Intender's premium on our dime.
If you are not satisfied with our service within 30 days, we will get you a prompt refund.

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